“After my serious accident in 2010 I had to choose: do I want to live or give up? I chose to fight back

Our mission is to support the rehabilitation of people with head trauma”

“FightBack is not just a brand, FightBack is attitude.”

Our Mission

FightBack – What is it all about?


FightBack’s mission is to support the rehabilitation of people with head trauma and increase awareness about the importance of protecting oneself in sport activities.

Many serious injuries can be prevented with the right use of helmet and other protective gear. Founder Pekka Hyysalo was only 19 years old when he was seriously injured in the skiing short film photo shoot. He is the very first athlete suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) to be supported by FightBack.

The more support we get, the more BackFighters we can help.


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In april 2010 Pekka Hyysalo was a professional free skier and last year graduate at Kuusamo Alpine College. He was ranked 11th in the AFP ranking (Association of Free skiing Professionals, Big Air), when one jump changed his life.On 28.04.2010 he was skiing the last trick in the end of a filming session at Ylläs. A blast of wind made Pekka to overshoot the landing. He over rotated his trick, landed sideways, and all of a sudden, he was fighting for his life instead of AFP rankings. That wasn’t the end though. It was a turning point. Pekka started the FightBack of his own.

Pekka was unconscious and taken to the Intensive care Unit (ICU) in Oulu, where he spent several weeks in medically induced coma. He had severe head injuries, TBI (Traumatic Brain injury), DAI (Diffuse Axonal injury) and different kind of haemorrhages like SAV. That meant he lost his ability to move, speak, eat, take care of himself and the TBI injury meant also both short term and long term memory problems.

Pekka spent the summer 2010 in hospitals. In the middle of August he got to a rehab centre in Helsinki, where he was able to really start his fighting back.

The road to recovery has been rough, since Pekka had no accident insurance at the time of the accident. Therefore he had to fight on his own and with the help of his family in order to come back to normal life and to finance the rehab after the hospital period. Pekka felt already next year after the accident that he wants to help others facing the same destiny, especially the ones facing head injury and having no insurance to cover the rehab and helping in the living costs after losing the possibility to work or study.

In the spring 2012 in Kitzsteinhorn, during the Austrian Freeski Open (AFO), Pekka and Florian Lehmann figured out FightBack as a way to help Pekka and later on hopefully others too in the rehab and new way of life. That was the start of FightBack story – a story Pekka is now creating in many ways, both making a place for him to create an inspiring career, as well as helping others in similar situations to recover.

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